Do my residents qualify for OneApp’s Eviction Relief Program if they don’t currently have a OneApp Guarantee?
  • Yes, any resident of a management company that is currently enrolled with OneApp Guarantee qualifies for OneApp's Eviction Relief Program.
If I don’t enroll in the OneApp Guarantee program, am I eligible to participate in the OneApp Guarantee Eviction Relief Fund?
  • No. You must be enrolled in the OneApp Guarantee program in order to file a claim against the OneApp Guarantee Eviction Relief Program.
If the resident receives assistance for OneApp Guarantee, but is unable to pay the remaining portion, are we able to evict them?
  • No. You must determine program viability for each resident facing eviction. It is important that you communicate what the renter’s portion will be over the next two months, if you choose to participate in OneApp Guarantee’s Eviction Relief Program. If they are unable to cover the remaining portion, it should be rolled into a 6 month payback plan.
When filing a claim for a resident who was approved with a guarantee, do I still have to apply a 10% concession toward their rent?
  • No, residents with active guarantees have different qualifications and receive a much greater level of support. For more information, please email us at sales@oneappguarantee.com.
Can these funds be used to cover unpaid rent accumulated while the moratorium was in place?
  • No. These funds are specifically used for current rents and can not be used for any previous balance and/or fees.
What are the term and conditions for utilizing the Eviction Relief Program.
  • By accepting a check from the OneApp Guarantee Eviction Relief Program you agree to the following.
  • The renter cannot be evicted during the months of assistance for non-payment of rent.
  • No late fees can be applied.
  • Landlords will apply a concession of 10% of the monthly rent toward rental assistance for months they receive funding from OneApp Guarantee.
  • Only one claim can be filed per resident.