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We know that qualifying for a home can be a challenge. OneApp Guarantee is your co-signer even if you’re short on income, have less-than-perfect credit, or have had a hiccup in your rental history. When you choose from our list of properties, you can apply with confidence.

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Renter FAQs

What is a OneApp Guarantee?
  • OneApp Guarantee is a co-signing service for renters who have either been conditionally approved or denied and need a cosigner to qualify for housing. The initial guarantee is valid for 13 months or longer based on the properties requirement.
Does every Property Management Company accept the OneApp Guarantee?
  • No, not every Property Management company has agreed to accept the OneApp Guarantee. If they currently do not participate we will work with them to get them signed up.
What are the Benefits of using OneApp Guarantee?
  • If you apply for housing and require a co-signer you now have another option in OneApp Guarantee
  • Get into a home quickly
  • Eliminates the need for additional security deposits
How do I qualify for a OneApp Guarantee?
  • We will run your application through a credit check, which is a soft pull on your credit. Your credit is assessed against our unique screening criteria for a quick approval process.
What does the OneApp Guarantee cost?
  • Renters pay 1 month's rent for the OneApp Guarantee
  • The cost is per lease not per renter
If I have a roommate do we each have to qualify for the OneApp Guarantee?
  • No, only the Primary Applicant is required to qualify.
What is the term of coverage for the OneApp Guarantee?
  • The OneApp Guarantee will cover for the term of the lease. The minimum term on the first lease is 13 months and the minimum term on a renewal lease is 12 months.
How do I purchase the OneApp Guarantee?
  • Once the short application has been completed and approved, a link to sign the Approval Agreement and Pay the Fee is sent via an email link.
How long will it take to process the OneApp Guarantee?
  • The application will process immediately. It literally only takes a few minutes to complete and process.
How will I be notified?
  • Once approved a link to sign the Approval Agreement and pay the fee is sent via email.
How can I pay the fee for the OneApp Guarantee?
  • The fee can be paid either in full or via a *monthly payment plan. *Terms Subject to Change
When does the OneApp Guarantee become effective?
  • The OneApp Guarantee becomes effective once the Approval Agreement is signed and the fee has been paid.
What are my lease obligations?
  • You are responsible for all of the Terms and Conditions of the Lease
  • Should you stop paying rent the PM company is covered, however, you are still responsible for the debt owed
  • Any debt owed will be sent to collections