With OneApp Guarantee you can say yes to more applicants who fall short of your screening requirements. We help turn applicants into renters without increasing your risk. By backing your renters, we have your back too. If a renter defaults, we will securely co-sign on a 12 month lease and we will cover lost rent and damages up to 3 times the rent on a 12 month lease.

Register your property with OneApp Guarantee
Tell renters with rental barriers about us
We screen and stand behind the applicants we verify.
We take on the risk and cover lost rent and damages up to 3 times the rent.
Fill your units without taking on extra risk or added cost.
What is the OneApp Guarantee?
  • The Guarantee is a cosigner product for renters who need a qualified cosigner to qualify for housing.
How much does it cost?
  • There is $0 cost to PM's
How do I sign up to start accepting the Guarantee?
  • Just let us know that you want to participate in the program and we will send you an Agreement.
What does the OneApp Guarantee cover?
  • The OneApp Guarantee will cover your loss of rent and damages up to 3 times the rent on a 12 month lease.
What happens when the lease expires and is renewed? Is the renter still covered under the Guarantee?
  • No, once the lease expires, the Guarantee also expires. The renter would need to apply for another Guarantee for the next lease term.
What are the benefits of using the OneApp Guarantee?
  • Provides assurance to the Property Manager better than a standard co-signer.
  • Vacancy loss is reduced
  • Applicants who need a cosigner but are unable to find one will have be able to provide you with the Guarantee certificate
  • Guarantees rental losses which increases NOI
  • Increases rental traffic to your property
Is there a Contract?
  • Yes, there is an Agreement that the PM must sign which outlines the terms of the agreement with the renter.
How long is the Guarantee valid?
  • The OneApp Guarantee is valid for the 12 month lease term and covers lost rent and damages up to 3 times the rent.
What if the renter renews their lease?
  • If the renter renews their lease they will need to re qualify for the guarantee.
Am I required to accept a OneApp Guarantee?
  • No, you are not required to accept a renter with a Guarantee. The decision is ultimately up to the Property Manager.
Does the renter still have to comply with the Terms and Conditions of the Lease?
  • Yes, the renter is obligated to all of the Terms of the Lease agreement.
How do I file a default?
  • You will need to start the default case by first completing and submitting the default case form.
How long do I have to get the vacant property ready for lease?
  • You agree to have the vacant property turned within 10 business days of the vacate date.
How will I know that I will get paid if a Renter should default?
  • OneApp Guarantee holds an escrow account to cover defaults. Just start the Default Claim Process to recover lost rents.
How quickly will I get paid?
  • Payments of lost rent will be made to property in full once the property had been released and a new renter is moving in. Property Manager will need to provide a new lease agreement showing new lease dates.