With OneApp Guarantee, you can say yes to more renters who fall short of your screening requirements. We help turn applicants into renters without increasing your risk. By backing your renters as their co-signer, we have your back, too. If a renter defaults, we will cover you for lost rent and damages up to 3x the rent on the lease.

Register your property with OneApp Guarantee.
Let renters who need a co-signer know we can help them.
We screen and stand behind renters we verify.
We will cover rent and damages up to 3x the rent.
Fill your units without taking on extra risk or added cost.
What is the OneApp Guarantee?
  • OneApp Guarantee is a secure co-signing product for renters who need a co-signer to qualify for and access housing.
Is there a cost for property managers?
  • There is no cost for property managers to participate in the OneApp Guarantee Program.
Is there a cost for renters?
  • The fee for a renter who qualifies for OneApp Guarantee equals 1-month's rent for a 12-month lease. If you have a longer or shorter lease, the fee equals how much the renter will pay in rent over the entire lease, divided by 12.
  • Example: A 16-month lease in which the monthly rent is $1,000.
    How much the renter pays over the entire lease: (16 x $1,000) = $16,000
    Divided by 12: $16,000/12 = $1,333.33 fee
Does the OneApp Guarantee fee go towards any security deposit or first month's rent owed by the renter?
  • No, the OneApp Guarantee fee is separate from any security deposit or rent that is required by the property at the time of move in.
How do I sign up to start accepting OneApp Guarantee as a co-signer?
  • To participate, you can email You will need to complete our Participation Agreement form which is simple and just requires that you provide us a list of properties that will participate and their contact information.
How do I login?

How do I Create a Lead?

How do I check a renter's status?

What does OneApp Guarantee cover?
  • The OneApp Guarantee covers up to 3 months of rent for financial losses, including repair costs due to property damages, if the renter defaults per the terms and conditions of the lease, skips, or is evicted. OneApp Guarantee covers you for the term of the lease and payments are made to you after the property is re rented or after it has been vacant for 3 months.
Why is OneApp Guarantee better than a security deposit?
  • OneApp Guarantee covers your property losses and rent up to 3x rent if the renter defaults. Typically a security deposit is only 1-month’s rent. So you recover more of your losses by securing a renter with a OneApp Guarantee.
Denied or conditional renters are typically considered higher risk. Why should I consider accepting renters with OneApp Guarantee?
  • We have looked at thousands of renters and have created an algorithm which allows us to approve more applications. Factors like poor credit or lack of rental history don't always correlate to a renter being successful. Renters who pay a non-refundable fee have skin in the game, which creates an opportunity to be a more successful renter. Our percentage of defaults is very low compared to the number of successful renters we have been able help get into housing.
Can I add a link to OneApp Guarantee in my adverse action letter if a renter is a conditional approval?
  • Yes, we highly encourage you to add a link to OneApp Guarantee on your adverse action letter if you have a renter that is conditionally approved and needs a co-signer to move in.
  • What we have found to be the most successful with property management companies is to create an additional conditional approval category which can be called "Conditional with OneApp Guarantee Acceptance" or "Approved with OneApp Guarantee Acceptance". This category or additional "bucket" is for applicants that you do not want to deny but that also do not meet your threshold for a standard conditional approval.
What if my screening company sends out the conditional approval?
  • Simple, just ask your screening company to add a OneApp Guarantee link to all of their conditionally approved notifications if a renter will need a co-signer to move forward in your application process.
How do property manager's incorporate OneApp Guarantee as the co-signer into their lease agreements?
  • Most property managers just add the information that this renter is a "OneApp Guarantee recipient" into the Special Notes section of the lease and add the OneApp Guarantee Certificate of Approval as an addendum.
What happens when the lease expires and is renewed? Is the renter still covered under the OneApp Guarantee?
  • When the lease expires, the OneApp Guarantee also expires. If you require the resident, upon lease renewal, to have another Guarantee, they would need to provide updated income documents and then pay a reduced fee of 50% of the new monthly rent to continue their coverage.
What are the benefits of using the OneApp Guarantee?
  • Provides assurance to the property manager better than a standard co-signer.
  • Vacancy loss is reduced and occupancy is increased.
  • Protects against rental losses which increases net operating income (NOI).
  • Increases rental traffic to your property.
Is there a contract required?
  • No, there is no long term contract. We require you to complete our "Participation Agreement" that outlines which properties will be using OneApp Guarantee. This also includes the terms and conditions of OneApp Guarantee.
How long is the OneApp Guarantee valid?
  • The OneApp Guarantee will cover up to 3 months of lost rent if the renter defaults, skips, or is evicted on a maximum 16-month lease term.
Am I required to accept a OneApp Guarantee?
  • No, you are not required to accept a renter with a OneApp Guarantee but we would encourage you to accept renters with one.
Does the renter still have to comply with the terms and conditions of the lease?
  • Yes, the renter is obligated to all of the terms of the lease agreement.
What if the property is sold?
  • The OneApp Guarantee stays with the recipient of the guarantee even if the property sells and there is a change in management.
How do I file a default?
  • Log in to your OneApp Guarantee profile and select "Default Claim" next to the renter's name to start the default process.
How long do I have to get the vacant property ready for lease?
  • Once the property is vacant, the property should be turned within a reasonable timeframe. This is typically within 20 business days unless there are specific circumstances which does not make that timeframe possible.
How will I know that I will get paid if a renter should default?
  • OneApp Guarantee holds an escrow account to cover defaults. Just start the default claim process to recover losses up to 3x the rental rate.
How quickly will I get paid?
  • Once all documents are provided as required, and if applicable, the property has been re-rented and a copy of the new lease has been submitted, a payment is processed within 2 business days.