File a Default Case

To file a default claim you will need to log in , search for the renter’s name, and click Start a Default Claim.

As part of filing a Default Claim you will need to provide the following documents:

  • Copies of the original rental application and the executed lease.
  • Income documents (paystubs, etc.) used for income verification at the time of move-in.
  • An accounting statement of applicable past due rent.
  • Documentation of efforts to collect past due rent, including notices issued by the Property Manager (e.g., non-payment of rent).
  • Documentation of any eviction action notices.
  • Receipts for any amounts to be deducted from potential reimbursement of rent, including deposits, prepaid rent, and fees.
  • Payment arrangements on past due rent or partial payment default (if applicable).
  • New incoming lease agreement.